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TiPs FoR BeTTeR eMaiL CoMMuNiCaTioN...

1. If you are sending a mail to multiple peoples or multiple e mail ID than try to put all email ID in BCC field, People you include in the “BCC” field will not visible to others. Coz no one wants to share there identity and email ID with others.

2. Don’t discuss multiple subjects in a single message. If you need to discuss more than one subject, send multiple e-mails. This makes it easy to scan subject lines later to find the message you need.

3. Keep you email message short and to the point. Make your most important point first, then provide detail if necessary. Make it clear at the beginning of the message why you are writing.

4. Always reply to emails especially the ones specifically addressed to you. Coz the sender is waiting for your reply and hear from you. So take some time and send a reply to the sender.

5. Don’t reply in anger. If your are busy with some work, than don,t replies your mail with anger. This will burn up relationships faster than just about anything you can do.

6. If you have to send some attachments via mail than zip them in a one file. And check it once again that you didn,t miss any file.

7. Don’t write in ALL CAPS. This is the digital equivalent of shouting. Besides ALL CAPS are harder to read (as anyone in advertising will tell you.)

8. If you’ve responded to something late–apologize. People generally know and appreciate that you’re busy and, especially with non-urgent or time sensitive things, they’ll be happy that you responded at all.

9. Use your spell-checker. Do not hit the Send button without doing a spell check, spelling mistakes or grammatical errors indicate that you have written the message in a non-serious mood.

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