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Unsuccessful vs. Successful Single

’ve used the phrase “successful single” many times in here. You may be wondering what exactly makes someone a successful single. Let's look at the difference between an unsuccessful single and a successful single.

How to be an unsuccessful single:

  • See being single as a condition that needs to be cured.

  • Be on a constant lookout for that one person that is going to make everything right.

  • Put off living your life until you meet someone.

  • Believe that no matter what you do, you will wind up hurt.

  • Resign yourself to being alone and miserable the rest of your life.

  • Take on a victim mentality and there is nothing you can do about your life.

  • Believe the lie that "all the good ones are taken."

How to be a successful single:

  • Don't put your life on hold waiting for a relationship to happen.

  • Find your life's vision and purpose and live it while you are single.

  • One of the best ways to find your life partner is to be a happy, successful single person living the life that you really want.

  • Know what types of people are bad for you and avoid them.

  • Don't just wait for someone to come knocking at your door. It can be a long wait. Get out into social situations.

  • Seek out healthy choices in potential partners.

  • Always keep in mind that it only takes one.

  • Create an attractive and compelling life that someone would be eager to be a part of.

  • In other words, view being single not as a condition to be cured, but as an opportunity to be explored and lived out to its fullest.[2]

Remember, if you can't stand to be with you, how will anyone else?
If you want to be a successful single, you have to feel complete on your own.

You'll know that you are starting to become a successful single when your actions change.


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