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Avatharam - A video Thats Salute Kamal Haasan

Gone are the days when fans appreciate an artiste's performance, talk about it with friends and colleagues with enthusiastic fervor and then get back with their daily lives. Technology has worked wonders to all sections of society that fans have started expressing their appreciation in many forms.

The most expressive and innovative thus far has come in the form of a music video celebrating the talent and works of Kamal Haasan. Leon K. Thomas and friends have made a music video highlighting the contribution of Kamal Haasan to Tamil Cinema. The music video has an original song titled 'Avatharam' with obvious reference to the actor's latest flick 'Dasavatharam'.

Uploaded on Youtube, this music video has slick editing with clips of various shots of Kamal Haasan from many movies spanning decades. Singing artistes have also performed for the video. This music video has been edited in such a way that the spotlight has been turned on contrasting makeup and expressions of the actor.

Titled 'Avatharam – a salute to the legend', the music video has been designed to make all Kamal Haasan fans happy.