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This news will elate the fans of two Kollywood icons – Ajith and
Vijay. Though their fans often compare them and treat them as
competitors, Ajith and Vijay have proved often that they are very
close friends and have rubbished the talks about competition between
them. At film functions, they both are often seen sharing jokes and
engaged in serious discussions, and this has become a common sight
these days. They have great mutual respect and even take care that
they do not hurt each others' fans!

Recently, in one such display of care for Vijay's fans, Ajith changed
the name of Aegan's villain. In Aegan, actor Suman (who re-emerged in
Kollywood with Sivaji) plays the villain and his onscreen name is
Joseph Chinnappa. When Ajith came to know about this, he requested
director Raju Sundaram to change the character's name. When he found
a perplexed look on Raju's face, he explained that his friend and
actor Vijay's full name is Joseph Vijay and that he does not want to
hurt or irate his fans by naming his film's villain after him – no
matter even if it is a lesser-known first name of Ilayathalapathy. In
a similar fashion, Vijay too painstakingly looks for any factor,
which could irate Ajith fans, and eliminates it from his films! Phew!

Well, these stars are so cordial to each other that they do not treat
each other as rivals even on the silver screen! Then why do we fans
try to compare them, create an imaginary rivalry between them, and
then lament that Kollywood has lesser "double-hero" films than
Bollywood. Maybe, it is us – the highly sensitive fans – who are the
reason for frontline Kollywood heroes not acting together!


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