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Well friends, I just cam back from watching Padikkathavan at Coliseum...after a few comments that the movie is superb and better than Villu [acted Vijay] released on Pongal...the movie the extremely superb from m point of view...as a fan of Dhanush, once again after Thiruvilaiyadhal Arambam and Yaradi Nee Mohini the Comedy-Romance-Action story hits again in Padikkathavan...Dhanush deserve the best for him in this movie....

The story begins...Radhakrishnan(Dhanush) alias Rocky is an 10th fail youngster who is looked down upon by his father (Pratap Pothen), as the rest of the family of brothers, sister and sister’s-in-law consists of all educated and well placed people. Our hero’s main job is to idle away his time in a mechanic shop with his group of friends (Mayilsami, Nellai Siva and others). ‘Padikathavan and 10th failed’ as his father refers to him, doubles up as a petty goon when his family members are in trouble.

One of his friends suggest that he falls in love with a highly educated girl, so earnestly he looks around by hovering around women’s colleges. So he falls in love with Gayathri (Tamaannah) a rich girl who after a few misunderstandings and dream songs falls for him.

Meanwhile there are some goons after her, as her father is SamarasingaReddy (Suman) a deadly don in Andhra. Our hero saves her from her dad’s rival (Sayaji Shinde) and follows to her home in Hyderabad, where he realizes that another Tirunelveli goon Kasi Anandan (Atul Kulkarni) has put a prize on his head!

In the first half, the light hearted comedy of Dhanush is thoroughly enjoyable, especially his one liners and dialogues like Enna mathiri pasangala partha pidikathu. Parka parka thaan pidikkum. However in the second half there is unbeatable comedy of Vivek, especially the scene where Vivek dressed as a woman in a temple pond is pawed by two other comedians under water!

The dialogue that Suman mouths that those who are educated think only of themselves while the uneducated have consideration for his fellowmen is in bad taste especially when the government policy is for total literacy.

Dhanush is in top form as he has never danced so well and has improved a lot in action (the climax fight is outstanding) and comedy while keeping his boy-next-door image intact. He has scored in the first half with his subtle comedy and clever one-liners that gets him the maximum claps.

The music score of Mani Sharma good in the movie. This movie will be blockbuster for the year. A the best for Suraaj and the Team.


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