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Today is Pongal Celebration, and as a christian I got a chance to celebrate among friends and with other universities student from UPM and MASTERS SKILLS at KL Tower. It was a wonderful experience celebrating with friends for the first time. It was 28 student from Unitar [University Tun Abdul Razak], separated 3 to 4 people in a group. Well we been interview by Astro and Ntv 7. Many VIP were invited we got a chance to wish them Pongal Vazhtukal. A Day That Cannot Forget. Here some images that I got a chance to capture...

::: Start Pouring The Milk Mix With Water:::

:::Ooops Kena Jaga Api Supaya Tak Hilang:::

:::Pongal Lo Pongal:::

:::Sudah Habis Masak Trying To Taste It:::

:::Aiyo Ganapathy Waiting For The Pongal:::

:::Happiest Moment Pongal Lo Pongal:::

:::Almost There To Jadi:::

:::The Group Of Unitarians Doing Pongal:::

:::Masters Skills Student Doing Pongal:::

:::Again The Unitarians Busy Doing Pongal:::

:::The Image Effects Between KL Tower and Pot:::

:::Jaga - Jaga Api Akan Hilang:::

:::Presentation Of Dancers Infront Of Datin:::

:::Traditional Dance:::

:::Masters Skills Students:::

:::UPM Students Doing Pongal [Proud Of Malay For Joining The Event]:::

:::The Bonds Who Is Posing After A Great Success:::

:::Here We Go Before Cooking:::

:::Mana Jaya Tengok Ini:::

:::Rishi With Jaya:::

:::Grand Opening For The Event:::

:::Grand Opening:::

:::The Group Always Together:::


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Although from different places, but this perception is consistent, which is relatively rare point!
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