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Once again after watching Valkyrie, here is the review about The Curios Case of Benjamin Button. he Curious Case of Benjamin Button tells the haunting, existential fable of a man, born at the close of World War I, who ages backwards while those around him age forward, the old-fashioned way.It is the end of the Great War in 1918, America. His mother dies giving birth to him and he is said to be on his way to the grave - or so it seems. The baby is abandoned by his father on some steps outside a care home.

The humble and down-to-earth care worker Queenie (Taraji P.Henson) stumbles across the baby and decides to raise him as her own.

By some miracle he gets younger as time passes while those around him grow old and die. He meets his childhood love Daisy (Blanchett) at the care home.

But when he reaches his late teens he decides to leave (still with the appearance of a pensioner) and get a job on a tug-boat out at sea.

However his love with Daisy is all but lost and their lives begin to entwine as their ages draw closer, with some other romances and adventures on the way.

The whole story is told through an old-looking Daisy close to death at a New Orleans Hospital, present day, with her daughter Caroline who reads a book written by Benjamin about his life.

Caroline also learns that Benjamin is her real father, but in an attempt by the film-makers to create some poignancy, Benjamin admits that Daisy cannot cope with the baby and him, so he leaves.

The themes of time, life and death are strongly prevalent throughout this fantastical tale.

A calm atmosphere surrounds it and there are some beautiful backdrops. The special effects used on Pitt to cheat time are nothing short of outstanding.

Some genuinely lovely moments and sprinkles of humour here and there does make the film thoroughly engrossing.