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Dear readers, today is the movie release of Changeling [Child Kidnapper]. As usual I watch the first show while I'm working...lolz...I recommend you all to watch this movie...the must see movie of the year I can say...It's all about between a mother lost her child. It's not a small story but its how the movie was brought for the audience. A true story that is as incredible as it is compelling, "Changeling" brushes away the romantic notion of a more innocent time to reveal a Los Angeles circa 1928 awash in corruption and steeped in a culture that treats women as hysterical and unreliable beings when they challenge male wisdom.

In March 1928, Christine Collins' nine-year-old son Walter vanishes. Five months later, the LAPD, already under the gun for other unsolved crimes, calls out the press and delivers to Christine a boy who claims to be her son but is not. To avoid embarrassment, Captain Jones (Jeffrey Donovan) demands she take the boy home on a "trial basis." When she continues to insist that the LAPD needs to find her real son, Jones does what the department always does with troublesome citizens -- he locks her up in a psycho ward.

A radio minister, Gustav Briegleb (John Malkovich), takes up her cause and challenges the police version of events. Meanwhile, another officer, Detective Ybarra (Michael Kelly), launches an investigation into a potential serial killer (Jason Butler Harner) that not only proves Christine's contention but exposes the force, its chief and the mayor to the wrath of a citizenry fed up with living in a police state.

The movie with full of pain and anger showed how much a person that we love has gone but easily can be replace by another person. The moment I watch the movie I felt that I was in Christine's life. A challenging story when Christine keeps on searching of her son till she gets him. A must watch movie that I recommend readers to watch it.