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On the heels of the company’s launch in 2006, Studio 8 production & record proudly introduces its opening venture and highly anticipated Tamil hip hop album ‘Kavithai Gundar’ (Lyrical Gangster).

Studio 8 production & record, a production house, a record label, an organic organization, uniquely offers the dedication of music and film production, event management, post production and distribution with the power and reach of a global firm. With a group of five sophisticated, young and precocious forward thinking talents and practices covering all media approaches, Studio 8 production & record represents leading ideas, brands, individuals and corporations via its virtual office, boasting facilities, manpower, expertise, special skills and contacts worldwide.

‘Kavithai Gundar’ is just the “tip of the iceberg” of Studio 8 production & record. Our promise to our audience is to put forward variety enriched with quality. Fans and potential production houses will be pleased to know Studio 8 production & record has taken a wide array of work prospects under their wings and it doesn’t stop with just music albums. Studio 8 production & record has also established relationships with cutting edge companies in the Bollywood entertainment industry in order to maintain state of the art offerings of creative techniques. Audio compilation, music video making, album distribution, film production; you name it, Studio 8 production & record will dive into it.

‘Kavithai Gundar’, a maiden audio venture of Studio 8 production & record is proposed to set off and conquest the world on the 26th of April 2009 for its wide array of clientele with no regard for race or age but whom we refer to fondly as music lovers. India, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Europe and Sri Lanka are the six countries that ‘Kavithai Gundar’ will glimmer its grandeur upon. After months and months of perfecting the album, we have reached our precision point and are finally geared up to present our accomplishment to our enthusiastic and devoted audience.

And we have just the media magnet to present it on our behalf; someone in the same zone of enthusiasm, familiarity and anticipation as us. To be introducing a music genre of pure novelty bearing a good deal of positive evolution to the Tamil audience calls for a name defining beauty and panache, and we believe that name is ‘Shruti Haasan’. Studio 8 and everyone behind ‘Kavithai Gundar’ are ecstatic for the kindness she has shown and the passionate shove she will give the album on the day of the release. In this final chapter of our endeavour, we are happy to sing our own praises about our guest of honour, Miss Shruti Haasan.
This multitalented model / singer / actress / music composer has stepped into the Tamil film industry with poise to pursue the waves-creating trend after her father, Kamal Haasan. As merry as we are about the release of our album, we are thrilled for her Bollywood film, ‘Luck’ and composed, written and sung debut music album, ‘Ho Jaane De’, in line to be released mid 2009. Not forgetting her show of music composition in the Rajkamal International produced Tamil film, ‘Unnaipol Oruvan’ starring Kamal Haasan.

Along with the presence of our guest of honour, Miss Forthcoming-Inspiration and our exceptional artists who are the singing forces in ‘Kavithai Gundar’, two songs are scheduled to be performed live by our very own, Neha Bhasin, Emcee Jesz and MC Loga. ‘Bad Boys’ and ‘Thaniye’, the only two video representations in this album will be the captivating performances in store, followed by the screening of the actual soundtracks.

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Mr Hansraj Saxena, Sun TV COO, will be launching our entertaining yet informative website; www.studioeight.in offering a full on about Studio 8 production & record, spicy photographs, forums and blogs, regular newsletters and updates, its forte is its online products. Merchandising ‘Kavithai Gundar’ music and related products online has been personally designed for our fans. Studio 8 production & record understands exactly what the audience appreciate and that is what we precisely deliver through our website. So for all computer and music buffs, log on to our website and start buying what you love.


vignesh said...

'Kavithai Gundar' is a cool Tamil hip-hop album released by a cool beautiful singer, music composer and actor Shruti.
This album a good deal of positive evolution to the Tamil audience, Neha bhasin another hot singer joined hands with shruti on release ,for more check out FindNearYou.com

Svk™-Vineeth said...