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Watching 3D for me its not a new matter, cause for watching Clash Of The Titans in 3D is my 3rd time watching 3D movies. I never knew that this movie is totally AWESOME in 3D. Anyway come back to Clash Of The Titans the plot is based on the Legendary Stories,Director from HULK,UNLEASHED and TRANSPORTER 2,Louis Leterrier brings Clash Of The Titans.Greek city of Argos where a war is about to explode between man and the gods. Perseus (Sam Worthington) raised as a fisherman, but is actually a demi-god. Perseus is the son of Zeus (Liam Neeson) who is about to take on the gods after the death of his family. Zeus' brother Hades (Ralph Fiennes) was the one who kill his family, and Perseus wants to kill him. However, it is Perseus's destiny to rescue the city of Argos from the ruthless rage of Hades and his Kraken monster. With nothing to lose, Perseus leads a band of soldiers on a quest to defeat the Kraken. In doing this, Perseus will prevent Hades from overthrowing Zeus and in turn destroying mankind.

:::RATING 7.5/10::::