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Madharasapattinam An Extraordinary Love Movie!

Just back from watching Madrasapattinam Movie. Oh my God, the movie is the best Love Story I ever watch. Totally in love with the movie. Extraordinary acting by Aarya and Amy Jackson!!!

Madras, a name which brings back memories of the past. Madharasapattinam promises to do the same where the lead lady(Amy Jackson) recalls her beautiful memories and searches her lost love Praridhi(Arya) in the present Madras. Set in the pre-independence time for India, this beautiful love story has very little to do with the freedom fighters. Instead the film portrays the sensitive love of a Indian youth with a British Girl and their separation after Indian Independence in 1947.

The story begins with a elderly British lady on her death bead wanting to return to Madras, India to make some amends after she leaves post the 1947 Indian Independence. In India through a series of flash backs we recall that Amy Jackson is the British lady and she is the daughter of the governor of Madras. When the British community wants to build a golf course near the Washer community area(the current Washermanpet) our hero Ilamparidhi also called as Paridhi revolts. He is a washer man and fights bravely against the British so that they do not take over the place of his community.

Amy is impressed with his bravery and the young couple fall in love. When her father, the governor comes to know of this love, he packs her off back to Britain. Does Amy meet her love when she returns to India after all these years. Does she get to make amends to the regrets she had for years froms the rest of the story.

Overall the movie is SUPERB and EXTRAORDINARY.