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Thillalangadi - Yenachum Paneremah Atheleh Kick'ke Irekenum

Thillalangadi isn’t different from Kick. The only difference is couple of additional songs.

Krishna (Jayam Ravi) is a happy-go-lucky youngster, who often commits himself into risks as he feels the right Kick over it. Well for Nisha (Tamanna), what starts as a hatred turns into love with Krishna. But sooner as she finds her beau so irresponsible swapping jobs often, she breaks up with him. Sooner the story shifts to Malaysia, where Nisha’s parents arrange her marriage with Krishna Kumar (Shaam), a tough and honest cop. Krishna uncovers that he has traveled all the way to Malaysia to trap a smart thief, who has been looting crores of money from leading tycoons and politicians. The intriguing part ofthe film is about the fact that the thief is none other than Nisha’s ex-boyfriend Krishna.

Rest of the film is all about how Krishna wins back the heart of Nisha and the reason behind his robberies having a substantial reason.

Tamanna looks cute. .Ravi looks cute and chirpy and his performance during last 45 mins is perfect. Vadivelu is good with his comedy tracks while Santhanam doesn’t get enough footage. Shaam is extraordinary with his mind-boggling acting. He looks fit and perfectly suits the role of a tough cop. It’s better if Shaam continues to choose such roles in future.Prabhu excels with his minimal role and Suhasini sleepwalks through her role.

Musical score by Yuvan Shankar is okay while Rajasekhar’s cinematography is mediocre. Editing looks sleek and stylish.On the whole, Thillalangadi is a family entertainer as it carries the right mix of fun, romance, sentiments, and action.