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I have never knew that Shankar is the man of Awesomeness with his magical touch in directing a movie mainly with the Acting of SUPERSTAR!!! I watch the first and PREMIER show Yesterday..I was really impress the acting of Rajnikanth (Vaseegaran)..the man of thousand talents inside of him.Finally acted as a Scientist who create Chitti (Rajnikanth also) for his life achievement..and who also in love with Aishwary Rai (Sana).A mind blowing movie which was directed by Shankar.Mucis compose by A.R Rahman never put me down forever cause the song in the movie was really awesome and impressive, and more than I expected!!! A Good background score by A.R.Rahman too!!! Rajinikath the man of thousand talents never ever let us down by his acting, he is the man with HUMBLE and PRIDE that brought him to Level Famous. Aishwarya Rai a cute bubbly acting in the movie too. All about the movie which I can say is Super Duper Awesome!!!