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APPALAM The Love Of Father and Daughter

Well I still wont get bored of watching Appalam movie for so many times, because the story was well brought in the screen by Gana Pragasam, Jaclyn Victor and Raja Ilya and also the other actors and actress. Its been the 2nd time I watch Appalam. Appalam is the remake of the Malay movie Pappodam directed by Adflin Shauki which was the same director who directed Appalam. The story is all about the love between the father for the daughter, on how much he cares for her after the death of his wife. The story begins were Appalasamy marries Nalaini and they were starting a small restaurant in Penang. Sooner later Nalaini gaves birth to a baby girl name Shruthi, she was well brought up by Appalasamy and Nalaini and a good dancer in Baratha Natyam. As times goes by Nalaini meet an accident and died in the hospital. Things has changes after the left of Nalaini and the story of a father Appalasamy and daughter Shruthi starts here. The movie with the mixture of DRAMEDY(Drama + Comedy), Culture and all the moral values are included in this movie, thats bring the movie alive and funny. Laughter from the beginning till the end and also the emotion on certain scene makes me cried.


A must watch Malaysia Movie of The Year. Do Support Malaysian Artist.