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The History Of Blood As Come To The End

As I know, Ram Gopal Varma directed Rakht Charitra 1 & 2 from the true story of india politician blood revenge. The 2nd part of the movie Special Officer DCP Mohan Prasad said to Suri that "you will be the next Pratap Ravi". Now the shocking news is Suri(the murderer of Pratap Ravi(Paritala Ravi)) has been deceased yesterday on the 3th January 2011 at 5pm. Shocking that its true that he has been the next Ravi to continues the blood revenge.

His condition is critical it seems according to news channels and he has been attacked with gun, 2 bullets went through his body one through his chest and the other through stomach.

After spending so many years in prison, Maddelacheruvu Suri was recently released. He said that he wanted to give up faction activities and lead a peaceful life. But his enemies didn’t spare him. Now, with the death of Suri people started talking about a sequel to Ram Gopal Varma’s Rakta Charitra 2. That film ended with Suri killing Paritala Ravi. Will RGV make another film on Suri’s death?