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I'm Back After A Long Break...

Hello readers, I'm back after a long break, well its been quite long time that I didn't write anything about the world entertainment, sure you all must be missing me right? Well, I'm here to write that sooner I'm gonna be a not so pro Photographer, in few days time I'll be getting my DSLR and I'm so excited about it.!! Yeah yeah.!!!! Finally my passionate about photography have come true, slowly gonna learn and be a professional photographer.! My main aim for photography would be Wedding shots, Model shots and many more. Crossing my fingers that I would be someone in Future using my talent. By the way what DSLR I'm getting?? Hmmm..for beginner it should be Nikon D3100.!! Yeah.!! Ok readears, that's all for now, soon I'll be uploading about the photo's that I have captured.!!! Take care.